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ISSN 1995-5537

Cover 5 2010

"Biotechnology" journal Vol. 3, No. 5, 2010
Р. 31-42, Bibliography 134, Ukrainian.
Universal Decimal classification: 60.604;606.641;613.2


 O. M. Burlaka, B. V. Sorochinsky

Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Current issues concerning the biofortification of staple food plants and its application for biotechnological improvement of nutritional qualities of varieties are discussed. The problems of nutritional trace minerals and vitamins deficiencies and insufficient nourishment harmful health impacts that can be prevented by development and employment of improved plants are reviewed. Current state and progress in plants’ genetic engineering for its increased nutritional value are described.

Key words: biofortification, micronutrient deficiencies, genetic engineering, plant qualities improvement.

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