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ISSN 1995-5537

1 2012

"Biotechnology" journal V. 5, No.1, 2012
Р. 42-47, Bibliography 17, Russian.
Universal Decimal classification: 57.083.1:615.322+579.61:616-078


T. P. Pererva, Yu. A. Kobozev, L. N. Moisa, A. S. Dvornik, A. Yu. Miryuta,
L. P. Mozhylevska, V. A. Kunakh

Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
RPC «DiaProf-Med», Kyiv

Addition of medicinal plant Ungernia victoris extract to bacterial nutrient medium rises significantly yield of cell biomass and target protein of strains ITG-1 (producer of recombinant NH2-terminal fragment of ?-galactosidase) and ITG-71 (producer of recombinant chimerical polypeptide with immunological properties of HIV protein Env-1).

When relatively poor LB medium is used, low concentrations of extract (0.25, 0.5 and 1%) do not ensure effect of stimulation. At the same time the presence of extract in higher concentrations (2.0, 5.0 and 10%) acts to rise further increasing of biomass level and total content of target protein on unit of medium volume for both strains.

So the results of experiments carried with use of LB medium demonstrate principle ability of U. victoris extract for raising final yield of target product at the expense of two mechanisms — increase of biomass yield and growth of percentage of recombinant polypeptide in total cell protein.

Unlike the results obtained in LB medium, extract of 2.0, 5.0 and 10% concentrations in enriched medium that is in use usually for industrial cultivation of strains*producers demonstrates even stable tendency to inhibition of final yield of biomass and target polypeptide aside from stimulate. For all that addition of U. Victoris extract to enriched medium in more low concentrations (0.25–1%) results as a rule in significant yield increasing of target proteins for both strains.

Data obtained correspond to our data received earlier for plasmidless strains and prove general regularities according to that ones addition of medicinal plant extract in high concentrations to poor medium and in low concentrations to enriched one facultates significant rise of biomass and target protein yields per unit volume of cultivation medium.

Key words: recombinant protein, E. coli, Ungernia victoris extract, nutrient media.

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