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ISSN 2410-7751 (Print)
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EnglishBiotechnologia Acta V. 14, No 1, 2021
Р. 57-68, Bibliography  20,
Universal Decimal Classification:  581.192: 581.557


Kyrychenko O. V., Kots S. Ya., Pukhtaievych P. P.

Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The effectiveness of the soybean plants spraying with the soybean seed lectin solution during vegetation (against the background of seed inoculation with nodule bacteria and without seed inoculation), as well as the effectiveness of the winter wheat plants spraying with lectin-bacterial composition in green-house and field experiments was investigated respectively.  It was found that spraying of soybeans in the phase of two trifoliate leaves development with a specific lectin against the background of pre-sowing seed inoculation with rhizobia caused a significantly positive effect on the functional activity of the symbiotic apparatus. The nitrogen-fixing activity of the rhizosphere microbiota remained unchanged, which may indicate the vector of lectin action when sprayed through the plant. At the same time, the activation of plants vegetative growth was noted, which was maximally manifested by the height of their above ground part. The activity of exogenous sprayed lectin was less pronounced on the background of seed inoculation with rhizobia compared to non-inoculated plants. Plants spraying with soybean lectin against the background of seed inoculation provided an increase in harvest compared to non-inoculated control by 2.13 g/plant, but by the factor of lectin action this increase was only 0.19 g/plant and was insignificant. Non-inoculated soybean plants when sprayed with lectin formed a harvest that was significantly higher (by 0.64 g/plant) than that of plants in the absence of lectin. At this, the increase by the factor of lectin action was 22%. The spraying of winter wheat plants in the phase of mass spring germinations with the Azolec preparation (without pre-sowing seed inoculation) contributed to a significant increase in harvest by 1.6 c/ha. Therefore, the application of soybean and wheat plants spraying, respectively, with soybean seed lectin and lectin-bacterial Azolec preparation (wheat lectin),without involving pre-sowing seed inoculation, provided a greater degree of plants productive potential realization compared to control (without pre-sowing seed inoculation and plants spraying during vegetation).

Key words: soybean, rhizobia, soybean seed lectin, spraying, inoculation, nitrogen fixation, winter wheat, Azolec preparation, productivity.

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