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ISSN 1995-5537

«Біотехнологія» journal V. 5, No. 4, 2012
Р. 82-87, Bibliography 14, Ukrainian.
Universal Decimal classification: 577.152.321+663.11


К. G. Dreval, M. I. Boyko

Donetsk National University

Selection of the cultivation conditions of basidiomycetes, active producers of cellulolytic enzymes, was done along nutrient medium initial acidity (factor was changed between 3 and 9 pH with step 1 pH) and cultivation temperature (factor was changed between 24 and 36 °C with step 2 °C) for the purpose of increasing the synthesis of their cellobiоse (EC production. In the selection process enzymatic activity was determined using cellobiоse as a substrate. It was determined, that optimal initial acidity of the nutrient medium for strains Д-1, А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus was рН 3, for strain Sh-1 Stereum hirsutum — рН 5 and for strains К-1 Irpex lacteus and AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa — рН 6; optimal cultivation temperature was 26 °С for strain К-1 Irpex lacteus, 28 °С for strain Д-1 Irpex lacteus, 30 °С for strain AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa and 32 °С for strains А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus and Sh-1 Stereum hirsutum. As a result of optimization the values of cellobiase activity increased in 1,11 times for strain А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus and in 3,82 times for strain К-1 Irpex lacteus. At the same time, as a result of selection of cultivation conditions specific cellobiase activity of strain Д-1 Irpex lacteus was increased in 1,31 times, А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus — in 1,78 times, К-1 Irpex lacteus — in 2,67 times and AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa — in 2,79 times. Culture J-2An Phellinus pomaceus showed no cellobiase activity in any experiment. Maximal cellobiase activity of enzymes in cultural liquids of strains Д-1 Irpex lacteus and Sh-1 Stereum hirsutum was established on the 7th day of cultivation, and for strains К-1, А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus and AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa — on the 14th day of the experiment.

Key words: basidiomycetes, cellobiase, cultivation temperature, acidity of nutrient medium, optimization, Irpex lacteus, Stereum hirsutum, Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa, Phellinus pomaceus.

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