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ISSN 1995-5537

3 2012

"Biotechnology" journal V. 5, No. 3, 2012
Р. 91-97, Bibliography 25, Ukrainian.
Universal Decimal classification: 577.152.321+663.11


К. G. Dreval, M. I. Boyko

Donetsk National University

Selection of the cultivation conditions of basidiomycetes – active producers of cellulolytic enzymes was conducted along nutrient medium initial acidity (factor was changed between 3 and 9 pH with step 1 pH) and cultivation temperature (factor was changed between 24 and 36 °C with step 2 °C) to increase their endoglucanase (EC production. In the selection process endoglucanase activity was determined using hydroxyethylcellulose as a substrate. It was determined, that optimal initial acidity of the nutrient medium for strains К-1, А-Дон-02, Д-1 Irpex lacteus and AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa is 7 pH, and for strain Sh-1 Stereum hirsutum – 5 рН; optimal cultivation temperature is 30 °С for strains Д-1 Irpex lacteus and Sh-1 Stereum hirsutum, 32 °С for strain А-Дон-02 Irpex lacteus, 34°С for strain AnSc-1 Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa and 36 °С for strain К-1 Irpex lacteus. As the result of optimization the values of endoglucanase activity increased at 1,43 times for strain К-1 I. lacteus, at 1,79 times for strain А-Дон-02 I. lacteus, at 2,15 times for strain Д-1 I. lacteus, at 2,95 times for strain AnSc-1 D. confragosa f. confragosa and at 8,08 times for strain Sh-1 S. hirsutum. At the same time, as the result of selection of cultivation conditions specific endoglucanase activity of strain К-1 I. lacteus was increased at 1,42 times, А-Дон-02 I. lacteus – at 2,52 times, Д-1 I. lacteus – at 2,63 times, Sh-1 S. hirsutum – at 5,22 times and AnSc-1 D. confragosa f. confragosа – at 16,67 times. Culture J-2An Phellinus pomaceus haven’t shown any endoglucanase activity towards hydroxyethylcellulose not in one experiment. Maximal endoglucanase activity of enzymes in cultural liquids of all strains was established on 7th day of cultivation.

Key words: basidiomycetes, endoglucanase, hydroxyethylcellulose, cultivation temperature, acidity of nutrient medium, optimization, Irpex lacteus, Stereum hirsutum, Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa, Phellinus pomaceus.

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