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ISSN 1995-5537

«Біотехнологія» journal V. 5, No. 4, 2012
Р. 9-20, Bibliography 24, Ukrainian.
Universal Decimal classification: 579.864.1:615.331


S. О. Starovoitova

National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv

Modern aspects of technology of immobilized probiotics were illustrated. Advantages of immobilized probiotics in comparison with other drug forms of bacteriatherapeutic medication were pointed out. Principal methods and characteristics of immobilization of probiotic cultures were analyzed. Basic carrier materials used in modern practice for immobilization of probiotic cultures during creation of new probiotics were characterized. Substances, which could potentially be effective carrier materials for immobilization of probiotics were analyzed. It was shown that carrier materials could be used both separately and in combination with each other that improved properties of prepared medicinal forms of immobilized probiotics and let to increase their shelf life. The characteristic of modern immobilized probiotics of the Ukrainian medicines market is given and their properties are described. Positive and negative sides of some immobilized probiotics were analyzed. Technological aspects for receiving of immobilized preparation were considered and its component ingredients were proved.

Key words: technology, immobilization, absorption, probiotics, probiotic cultures, carrier material, immobilized probiotics.

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