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DIRECT PLANT REGENERATION FROM Pysalis peruviana L. EXPLANTS O. M. Yaroshko, M. V. Kuchuk

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Ж-л "Biotechnologia Acta" Т. 12, № 2, 2019 


O. M. Yaroshko, M. V. Kuchuk


The aim of the work was to establish the effective culture medium for the regeneration of Physalis peruviana for further micropropagation and obtaining of adult plants from regenerants in vitro conditions. After conducting series of experiments, effective culture media for the regeneration of P. peruviana was established. The most effective media for shoot regeneration from leaf explants were MS30 supplemented with 1mg/l Kin and 3 mg/l BAP; MS30 supplemented with 2 mg/l Kin and 1 mg/l BAP (33.33% of regeneration on both media). Good results were obtained on the media MS30 supplemented with 1 mg/l Kin and 2 mg/l BAP (28.57% explants regenerated) and MS30 supplemented with 2 mg/l Kin and 3 mg/l BAP (26.31% of regeneration). Root induction from stem and leaf explants were obtained of medium MS30 with NAA (0.2 mg/l; 0.5 mg/l), IAA (0.2 mg/l; 0.5 mg/l). Root induction frequency of these media was 100%. The obtained regenerants were separated from the explants and were transferred on the medium MS30 with 1 mg/l of BAP for elongation, and then on a medium MS30 or MS30 with 0.2 mg/l NAA for subsequent rooting. After one month of cultivation on mediums MS30 or MS30 with 0.2 mg/l NAA were successfully received adult plants

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