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"Biotechnologia Acta" V. 11, No 4, 2018


O. M. Klyuchko, Z. F. Klyuchko


The purpose of the work was the examination of various databases construction as well as examination of possible errors. Peculiarities of biological objects which should be taken into account during databases design were analyzed. The methods for electronic collections with databases of biological organisms elaboration were studied. The appropriate algorithms for environmental conservation were analyzed and compared with some foreign analogs in order to study positive and negative experiences. The requirements for database with information about Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) and some Areneidae were formulated for the development of electronic information system “EcoIS”. The description of developed relational database with information about insects with analysis of selected object area were suggested taking into concideration the characteristics of biological objects and characteristics of information systems analogues. Conclusions concerning described new means with bioobjects databases and their application on the example of “EcoIS” system were done as well as some recommendations for the construction of databases with the information about living organisms basing on our experience.

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