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GLUTAMINE DEPRIVATION EFFECT ON DEK, TPD52, BRCA1, ADGRE5, LIF, GNPDA1, AND COL6A1 GENE EXPRESSIONS IN IRE1 KNOCKDOWN U87 GLIOMA CELLS A. P. Kharkova, Y. A. Garmash, O. S. Hnatiuk, O. Y. Luzina, S. V. Danilovskyi, A.Y. Kuznetsova, O. H. Minchenko

"Biotechnologia Acta" V. No, 6, 2017

To study effect of glutamine deprivation on the expression of genes encoding the key proliferation associated factors on a relation to inhibition of inositol requiring enzyme-1 IRE1 in U87 glioma cells was the aim of the research. It was shown that glutamine withdrawal down-regulated the expression of DEK, BRCA1, LIF, and COL6A1 genes in control glioma cells (transfected by empty vector), up-regulated ADGRE5 gene expression, and did not significantly change the expression of TPD52 and GNPDA. Inhibition of ІRE1 signaling enzyme activity modified the effect of glutamine deprivation on the expression of TPD52, BRCA1, LIF, DEK, ADGRE5, and COL6A1 genes: introduces the effect of glutamine deprivation on TPD52 and GNPDA1, reduced – on COL6A1, and enhanced – on ADGRE5, DEK, and BRCA1 in U87 glioma cells. Therefore, glutamine deprivation affect the expression level of most studied genes in U87 glioma cells in relation to the functional activity of IRE1 signaling enzyme, which is responsible for control of cell proliferation and glioma growth.

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