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ISSN 2410-776X (Online),
ISSN 2410-7751 (Print)

Biotechnologia Acta
V. 6, No 5, 2013

"Biotechnologia Acta" v. 6, no. 5, 2013
doi: 10.15407/biotech6.05.137
Р.137-142, Bibliography 21, Ukrainian
Universal Decimal classification: 582.28:577.158


T. E. Voloshko, О. V. Fedotov

Donetsk National University, Ukraine

The paper is devoted to the analysis of the research data peroxidase activity of the strains of xylotrophic basidiomycetes in the dynamics of the growth. The objects of study were 57 strains, 5 of which belongs to 5 species of the order Polyporales, and 52 of which belongs to 7 species of the order Agaricales. In order to search for active producers of peroxidase the strains were cultured by the surface method in a liquid glucosepeptone medium. The accumulation of oven-dry biomass was determined by the weight method. The content of soluble protein and peroxidase activity were determined by the spectrophotometry. The studies set the level of accumulation of oven-dry biomass and peroxidase activity of the strains in 9 and 12 days of growth. The results allowed selecting the strains, which are characterized by high levels of peroxidase activity in mycelium and in the culture filtrate, including Agrocybe cylindracea 167, Pleurotus ostreatus Р-кл, Agrocybe cylindracea 960 and 218. These strains which are active producers of peroxidase may be used in the enzyme preparations obtaining technology.

Key words: basidiomycetes, peroxidase activity, mycelium, culture filtrate.

© Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2008

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